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Vital Insights

Oct 19, 2021

The implementation of remote patient monitoring solutions has consistently had a prominent sticking point impeding success: and that was in the translation of patient data that were collected by the patient and providing them to their care provider. Making that process seamless was core to our next guest’s solution. Sid Kandan joins us today, as co-founder and CEO and Stel Life Inc., to walk us through how his company has been able to partner with healthcare providers to ensure the data they receive from patients is complete, reliable and accurate.

Sid Kandan is Co-Founder and CEO of Stel, inc. The Stel Vitals Hub seamlessly and securely connects bluetooth vitals devices to health records without complex setup, WiFi, or mobile applications. Patients simply plug in the Hub and use their vitals device. Care teams can better monitor patient trends and alerts within their preferred workflow.