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Vital Insights

Dec 14, 2021

The essential idea behind remote patient monitoring seems easy: the patient takes their vital signs at home and in some cases answers a health questionnaire, the data is provided to their doctor, possibly with special alerts when vitals are out of range, and the doctor can then assess their health on a daily basis and provide better care. But deriving value out of such patient generated data is not always straightforward, especially when you have hundreds, or even thousands of patients. How do you address issues of different care protocols between different providers or health systems to ensure a solution can seamlessly merge with existing workflows? Our next guest focused on those issues to bring their solution to market.

David Yavin joins Vital Insights to walk us through how Datos Health has worked with healthcare providers to ensure its full-stack software platform seamlessly merges with existing workflows to equip care teams with the tools they need to remotely manage complex clinical protocols and automate personalized remote care.